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Affordable, reliable energy – keeping your business overheads low

Hub Energy offers an easy way to meet corporate responsibility and CO2 reduction targets to reduce carbon footprint, whilst significantly lowering your energy costs. Following multiple commercial installations, Hub Energy have a track record of enabling businesses across Yorkshire access to clean, reliable energy that is future-proofed against rising energy costs.

Construction & New Build

Achieve Part L requirements, Increase SAP points and achieve CODE.

Are you a house builder, architect, construction firm or simply working on a self-build project? Hub Energy can design and deliver a bespoke Solar PV system which will cover the stringent government legislation for each new build project. Hub Energy can be engaged at any point from design consultation to delivering the full turnkey installation and commissioning. Your ideal partner throughout the new build development, design and build process, contact Hub Energy to implement Solar PV into your new build.


Reduce your farms electricity bill and exposure

Farms commonly have sheds which are perfect for installing solar PV arrays on and providing the farms with part or all of the electricity demand. Farms have the option of buying the Solar PV system outright, full or part finance the system or benefit from the Free Solar / Power Purchase option Hub Energy offer. Whichever option you choose to have Solar PV installed on your Farm you can rest assured you will enjoy the relief of reduced electricity bills for your farms future over the next 25 years plus.

Public Sector

Reduce your energy costs and maintain budgets.

School, Housing Association, Leisure Facility, Hospital, Local Authorities or fall within the public sector, Hub Energy can assist you to meet your budget and enviromental targets. Hub Energy deliver bespoke Solar PV systems and funding packages to suit your individual energy targets. Contact Hub Energy to see how our energy saving solutions can fit your budget.



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