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Development and Consulting Services

Site sourcing, land diversification, energy efficiency measures and renewable technology installation all require an element of feasibility investigation to build credible business case and identify the strengths and risks. Hub Energy and its affiliates have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which can be brought to the early stage of the project and throughout the development.

Energy Audits and Surveys

This is often the first step for many businesses to start gaining knowledge and understanding of how the business consumes energy and where improvements and costs savings can be achieved. Whether surveying the energy efficiency of your business premises or auditing the energy processes Hub Energy manage this process and work with you to deliver the solutions identified.

Commercial Project Funding

If you are looking to install a renewable technology, develop a large-scale renewable project or energy efficiency measure; funding can be often be the main obstacle. Hub Energy can work with you to identify the best route to funding which will fund your project from concept to operation. Hub Energy are currently involved in projects with a funding requirement from £5,000 to £50,000,000 with an increasing pipeline.

Renewable Asset Purchase

Do you currently own an existing renewable project which has been completed and generating at least 1 year Hub Energy’s network of investors and clients are keen to purchase reliable, renewable assets, providing you the opportunity to maximise your financial return now instead of waiting for years and removing the future risk.

Energy Procurement

Making an informed decision about your energy options is a crucial element to any business and choosing which energy provider is now more than just choosing the cheapest provider. If you manage your bills for a single site, a complex multi-site portfolio or for a new connection, Hub Energy will work to identify the best options available to your business.

Energy Monitoring and Reporting

From micro-generation metering and monitoring to large scale metering and monitoring, Hub Energy provide a full range of metering products that enable the collection of essential consumption and generation data which is then widely available and accessible to view on an online platform as well as on a mobile app. Hub Energy also offer remote monitoring and automatic generation meter reading submission’s to your FIT Licensee so that your business can take a hands off approach to focus on its daily management.

Operation & Maintenance

Solar PV is a popular, proven renewable technology with many homes, businesses, communities and investors enjoying the benefits. Since the introduction of the Feed In Tariff, an industry boom in recent years resulted in many companies setting up to cash in and jump out. Hub Energy provides a number of services for your asset, to find out how Hub Energy can assist click here to visit our Operation & Maintenance page.

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