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Design Service

Design Service

Find out how much energy and money your roof can save you!

  • Explore the solar PV potential of your roof
  • Find out the electricity savings acheivable
  • Understand savings and payback time, all based on your roof
  • Accurate roof size taken from Google Maps measurement
  • Detailed solar PV irradiation data specific to your location
  • Industry standard tilt and orientation factor and shading impact
  • Based on key assumptions for financial returns
  • Prices are managed by us and always up–to–date

Our Solar Design Team are heare to help you get the most potential from your solar installation and give you the optimal savings for your installation.  With years of experience in the industry and utilising industry standard design software the team will produce a Solar Design tailored to your property and individual requirment.

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Answer some short questions to provide our team with information to work with you to produce your bespoke design.  Alternatively give our team a call to discuss your requirements with us directly.


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    If leased, do you have landlord permission

    Do you have available energy bills for the past 12 months and/or half hourly data?

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